pattern development

According to your sample, drawing or reference model and instructions, our patternmaker makes the first pattern. Lectra CAD allows to add seamallowances, various corners, lines, marks and text to the patterns.


If you already have first patterns on paper, we need to give them a digital form to continue with gradings and markers.

We attach the paper patterns on the digitizing table and when clicking on the outer lines of the pattern, the image of the pattern is transmitted to the Modaris program.


According to your measurement chart we grade the digital patterns for each size using Modaris program.

If you don´t have measurement chart, we can grade according to industry standards or consult you in that matter.

marker making

Digital markermaking is proved to be more efficent and much less time-consuming than manual. Today most of the production companies are used to work with plotted markers. Digital markers are saved and ready for future use as analogy markers or additional plotting.

According to your order we make the layout plan and generate the needed markers. Diamino program has special features for striped, checked of motif fabrics. It also allows spacing and blocking values to be added.


We plot markers, patterns or grading nests on the plain paper or heat-seal paper. The maximum width of the plot is 182cm. 

Mini-markers or scaled patterns can be printed on A4 paper by regular printer.

pattern management

All these services together we call pattern management.

All patterns in our server are kept safe and ready for future use. The patterns can be sent by e-mail or stored in Dropbox or on CD.

Lectra Systems is one of the most used softwear in garment industry over the world. The latest versions also makes it possible to import files from other CAD systems. For plotting of the marker we also accept .hpgl files. Patterns can be imported when in .dxf and .rul format.

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